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Air Dancer Tube 10ft Red

Air Dancer with Blower
Air Dancer Tube 10ft Red
Air Dancer Tube 10ft Red
Sales price: $169.95

 Air Dancer Tube 10ft - Red Tube with 12" Blower.

All parts needed for Air Dancer operation are included. 1- Air Dancer, 1- Air Dancer Blower, 1- Air Dancer carrying case. Made of top quality, high strength polyamide nylon silk, with added micro mesh. Extreme durable fabric which is  exclusively sold by Super Sign Factory. Height of Air Dancer  is 10ft tall.  Diameter of Air Dancer is 12". Diameter of the blower is 12".  Ready to use straight from the box. All of our Air Dancer products come with a full one year warranty. Super Sign Factory sells the strongest and longest lasting air dancers on the market.